Wednesday, July 28, 2004


The rain pours,

The thunder rolls,

The temper of nature is once again unleashed.


The sky turns gray,

The angels take shelter,

All is not settled in this earthly place.


The skies stop weeping

Life is resumed,

the world has been cleansed.


In the quite distance,

you finally appear,

An arrangement of light

An assortment of colour


Filling my heart,

with a secret song,

Lifting my spirit to a distant dwelling.


My mind tells me your imaginary,

A dream like image

beautiful and unreal,


My soul fights for your existence,

For real is not what the eyes can grasp,

But what the heart can glimpse.


Your existence in my heart is established,

You evoke feeling that are real and true


You, my rainbow, quite simply,

Are an unexpected twist of fate.

© Sherine Meshad, 28 July 2004

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Life’s Rhythm

Haunted eyes, shattered dreams,

Life isn’t quite what it seems,

It plays along to its own tune,

And you never know quite what it means,


Sitting in life’s’ waiting room,

Watching life through a silver screen,

Selling your life for minimum pay,

Wishing that for once it would go your way,

Signing for a job from nine to five,

Wasting your days punching in, punching out,


It stops right here, it stops right now,

Take a step back and just breath out,

Close your eyes and, find your pace

To sooth your soul to a state of grace,

At that point you’ll find your rhythm,

The notes to your music,

The answer to your riddle,


Life’s canvas is full of surprises,

And the brush in your hand, makes you an artist,

It might be hard to put the first stroke,

But once you start,

Your license can’t be revoked,

The colours blend, the music soars,

The painting never ends,

Each emotion just add to it more.


© Sherine Meshad, June 2004