Sunday, July 30, 2006

City of Sam

Article Published in "The Art Review", June2006
The City of Sana'a also dubbed City of Sam, is one of the oldest in the world, the old city is a UNESCO Heritage Site , it is also one of the cradels of civilization.
Definatly worth visiting

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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Drums of War

Paint the windows black,

Turn the light off,

Hide your head in the sand,

And maybe tomorrow will come.


Pack the house with supplies,

Is there gas in the car?

Are the children all right?

Will tomorrow ever come?


Has my neighbor's house got bombed?

Are the roads all wrecked and broken?

Is that fire in the horizon?

Or the sun, just turning down.


Is the sky tearing up inside?

Thundering, roaring in rage and fury,

Is the rain falling for the heavens?

Or just bullets, drizzling down.


When has quiet turn to screaming?

Did the birds of peace take flight?

War has started while we're sleeping,

And tomorrow might never come.


© Sherine Meshad, 17 July 2006

Thursday, July 6, 2006

A Fishing Trip

Calm waters, a single line,

Hook and sinker trailing behind

Wait is long as time stands still,

In the middle of an ocean, where all is well.

Thoughts and memories go through the mind

Of a fisherman awaiting fortune to unwind

The morning sun is bright in the heavens

As land beckons waves to shore

"The deep" whispers in a voice unheard,

As hook is tangled in the catch's gorge,

Twisting and turning in anguished plea,

Skipping over waters, begging for sea.

The line is tout, hands bringing in

A cumbersome prize, a trophy, a win!

And as it struggles to remain alive,

In a battle of wills the encounter is finalized.

© Sherine Meshad, 6 July 2006