Friday, February 15, 2008

The Fairytale Untold

The Fairytale Untold

By Sherine Meshad

Do you think patience is a virtue?

Do you think silence is made of gold?

Do you think what they’ve always taught you?

Is all you ever need to know?


Do you think life is just a passage?

That the story has been foretold?

A mere narration of a script,

Whose words are written on planks of stone?


Do you think dragons live in dreams?

Trolls help to guard pots of gold?

Happy ever afters not made for movies,

True love endured as the tale unfolds?


Are we my friend measly observers?

Simple chess pieces placed on the board?

Awaiting our queue on the stage of existence,

To speak out lines, till the curtains fall?


©Sherine Meshad, 15 February 2008