Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Visions, Unsullied Dreams

Dressed in new skin,

Bathed in the sun disks light,

It's not the earth that needs concurring,

It’s the human mind.

The world outside is just as twisted,

As the eyes see it to be,

A fresh prospect can carry with it,

New visions, unsullied dreams.

Life isn't black and white,

But in all the shades of gray,

Lies a truth easily forgotten,

One that helps you wake up each day.

For while heaven rests in forever

And the now is just a ride

It's for you to make it matter

It's on us to make it count

© Sherine Meshad, 28 Jan 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I blame it on the Movies

I blame it on the movies,

The dreamy gaze I see,

The river of wistful dreams,

flowing off course, running out to sea.


I blame it on the songs,

The twining of souls for life,

The one true love, the forever faithful,

The bliss coming from above.


I blame it on the books,

Land of words and woes,

The place where reality slips away,

And fantasies come true.


I blame it on the poetry,

Love serenades and ballads,

Promises of faithful love,

Vows of happiness eternal.


I blame it on the evening ski,

I blame it on the sea,

I blame it on the flirty winds,

But blame it most … on me.


© Sherine Meshad, 20 Jan 2007