Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I admit I’m not a revolutionary,
They say I’m against the cause,
I believe in building a fortress,
Not stoning fragile doors!
They say I’m not allowed to speak
Nor allowed to raise my voice
My speech is not to their liking
So simply shouldn’t be heard!
I see so many angry views
Some noble, some disturbing
I see rebels without a cause
Others advocates of liberty
Now tell me oh great worrier
Oh guardian of autonomy
In all the month that passed
Do you know what you’re fighting for?
Are you fighting for a country?
Are you fighting for the poor?
Are you fighting for the ones who died?
Or the ones who were reborn?
For those fighting to snatch a piece
To crown themselves monarchs
My country is not a corps
Its roots are set since eternity
It survived invaders, traitors and wars
Greedy insignificant trivial minds
Will soon be forgotten,
A blimp in history to inconsequential to be mentioned
©Sherine Meshad, 10 May2013