Monday, April 11, 2005

Lost in the Sands of Time

Lost in the sands of time,

Days become weeks,

Month follow years,

Looking back you wonder,

Did life just pass me by?


Memories that are crystal clear in mind,

Are decades away, or was it just a glance,

Foot steps in the sand,

Get washed away by crashing waves,


Lost dreams, broken hearts,

Did the world stop?

Hearts mend…. Almost mend!!

New hopes, new dreams…

Scars are there to remind you,

Of hopes struck at the seams,


Happy memories, bitter sweet,

A tug at your heart

Was it that long ago?

Where did the years go?

Standing at the edge of time,

Take a deep breath,

Take a step ahead,

Dreams to make,

Hopes to build,

Tears to shed and

Smiles to spread,


Life waits for no one,

So spread your wings and take flight,

Seize the day before it fades away

Before you get lost,

Lost in the sands of time…

© Sherine Meshad, 11 April 2005