Thursday, June 7, 2007


Cloaked emotions, wrapped in silk,

Tugged away in backs of closets,

Sheltered in darkness to be unveiled,

Once old wounds are healed and mended.


Old skeletons find means to slip past,

Lock and bolt to glide into unconsciousness,

Drifting past thoughts into dreams,

Escorting wariness in a midnight waltz.


Past and present seem no strangers

Distorted likeness of same self

Mirror images gawking at one another

Through a mudded glass screen of time


Passions pressing against a dame of regrets

Bounded by hurt and hurdled by anger

Dribbles through barriers as sands of time trickles

Drowning wounds in shrouds of the long-ago.


Shadows and darkness both take shelter

As rays of light seep through partially closed shutters

Washing away drowsiness and sweeping restlessness

Folding another layer of reality over remembrance and memories


© Sherine Meshad, 5th June 2007