Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sugarcoated Medicine

Sugarcoated medicine,

Just as hard to swallow,

For while the taste is not as sour,

The tang is bitter still.


Gulped down with loads of water,

Difficult to toss it down,

The pill is jagged, rough and ragged,

Nothing can drown it out.


“Take your remedy so you get better”

A restless voice chant in my ear,

A little white pill will make it all better,

The pain will vanish… literally disappear.


Dependence anew will take its place

A comfort blanket to pull you through

For what could possible drown the blues

Quite like a sugarcoated pill or two?


© Sherine Meshad, 25 February 2007

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Which one are you

Which are you, man or shadow??

Ever varying reflections of light,

Dark casted images, always trailing behind


Which are you, genuine or surreal??

A lie in actuality, manifestation of truth

Reality a refracted image, scattered on mirrory grooves


Which are you, victim or aggressor??

A bullet, the most effective conqueror of youth

War, the only means of establishing your roots


Which are you, pragmatist or dreamer?

A world with mortal wounds, in need of tender mending

Left alone too long, loses its essence of immortality.

© Sherine Meshad, July 7th2006