Friday, November 3, 2006

Daughters of Eve

Daughters of Eve, standing tall

No need to shout, when we know how to purr

The world is feral enough as is

No need for scuffles to be unleashed


Daughters of Eve, elegant and pretty

Sauntering the globe and making it giddy

Fashion is our friend, our ally, our comrade

Our comfort blanket when things go bad


Daughters of Eve, with manicured claws

Wrapped in gloves of silk, not to be exposed

Except if injured, wounded or used

True to our nature, we won't be abused


Daughters of Eve, mistook for frail

Gentleness a quality we hold quite dear

Benevolence a trait ought to be shared

An attribute as potent as it is misread


Daughters of Eve, truly blessed to be so

With chocolates for penicillin and true friendship as cure

For all the ailing we may suffer or endure

Eve has taught us well, how to get along in this world


Daughters of Eve, sisters of mine,

What joins us together is stronger than blood line

We share a passion for all things divine

A sisterhood as eternal as the daily sunshine

© Sherine Meshad, 3 Nov 2006