Friday, September 28, 2007



Another memory gets recorded

The album of time holds a new photograph


Jeans shorts and a ponytail

Scrapped knees and a smile that’s rare

An old portrait from a fairytale


Childhood mates with toothy grins

Enfolded in friendship, protected by dreams

Living in a fantasy world, that’s evergreen.


A bundle of roses in anxious arms

Secret message wrapped in fragrance and charm

Capturing the affection of an unsuspecting mind


A day of beginning, a farewell to past

Armed with aspirations, dreams and hopes to broadcast

A sea of flying caps, cheers and speeches to last


White roses and a layered cake,

Kissing lovebirds dancing to a serenade

The perfect ingredients for an enchanted day


Old love that new, in an ancient couple’s heart

Years of laughs and tears, itched in with wrinkles and scars

Giving the impression, history has been kind


Palm trees bowing to a setting sun

Chanting a lone melody and swaying as one

Waving green branches in a farewell song


Flipping through life’s album,

Days and years surpass, with an adieu to existence,

We turn over the final photograph.


© Sherine Meshad, 29 Sept 2007